Hello! Welcome to a single click check out application.

Now you can improve conversions on Social Media and Mobile Marketing.


Please visit some of our Demo websites;

Product Launch site which enables conversion to a specific product and simple checkout.

Use Case: Panasonic launched a new VoIP enabled phone which allows a customer to have

upto 3 incoming lines and all the features of full PBX in Cloud.


Mobile Version:

Book Launch site which enables the author to market her book to the general public while

minimizing the exposure to competitive books on major sites like Amazon.

Use Case: MadMen on the Couch is an exclusive insight to the characters in the popular

TV show MadMen. The Author was looking for a conversion tool to use on popular Social

Networks and Online Marketing efforts. The simple layout was the perfect

choice for Banner HyperLinks from SEM or Online Ads to redirect users to purchase this


See the Facebook Version